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Critiques Of Unschooling

Critiques Of Unschooling

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Published on Nov 4, 2012
This is a video I have been debating making for several months. It's very important to me to openly and honestly discuss the drawbacks and downsides of unschooling, because I personally feel that only through critique and discussion can we find solutions to the problems that face us as unschoolers and as a society. I created this list of 10 points over many months. During times when I was feeling worried about my future or isolated from my friends, I would add to the list. Then, when I was feeling connected and secure, I would go back to the list and narrow it down. Through this manner, I hope I have presented 10 points that are well thought out, comprehensive, and well explained. Again, I would like to state that the views in this video are mine and mine alone. They do not speak for the greater unschooling community.
As always, I enjoy feedback, and your comments are all welcome and appreciated!
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