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Upper Level Home School - What About Dual Enrollment?

Upper Level Home School - What About Dual Enrollment?

Author: Robert Browns
Whenever I talk to groups, I usually share my dissatisfaction with dual enrollment community college. In our state, students can get this option at no cost, and it is known as "Running Start. " Quite well-liked with homeschoolers, I regularly get asked why I am cautious concerning these types of programs.

Maybe a couple of experiences from our own dual enrollment experience will help clarify:

• Calculus professor dropped the f-bomb almost every other sentence. (We opted for a prof that was a homeschool graduate as an alternative - he ended up coming to our graduation party. Good guy. )#)

• Physics prof made use of marital positions to illustrate physics concepts. (Luck of the draw - we did not have him, however my friend did. )#)

• Music class book stated "I capitalize Self because I was taught to capitalize the name of God" and instructed class to say mantra each day "I am good, I am great, I am God. " (We declined to take that class. )#)

• French class showed movies with unclothed people for culture. (No-go. )#)

• Speech class teacher and even curriculum was ALRIGHT, however another student did a speech on the religion of sex (no joking. )#)

• There were no economics courses that were at my student's level.

• The poli-sci classes were taught by a Marxist. (He did write a rather good letter of recommendation, though. )#)

My feeling about dual enrollment is that it is quite often a "Rated R" environment, even if you control the teacher AS WELL AS the curriculum. If I could do my life over, I wish I would've done two years of homeschooling college, not just one year. I wish I would've skipped dual enrollment entirely. I do not know your family, your children, or even your community college - so you are in a MUCH better situation to make a choice than I am. Trust yourself!

Dual enrollment is PARTICULARLY well-liked with homeschoolers but I prefer parents to think it through and examine the pros and cons, instead of just follow the crowd. When you talk with those who have gone ahead of you, you should listen for the "but.... " They will claim things like, "We had a excellent experience, but.... " Take notice of what follows, and determine what is best for YOU.

Christian support groups on campus are a HUGE help, so encourage your children to get engaged in positive groups on campus. Also, use the buddy system, making sure that students are in groups in class.
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