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Homeschooling Programs And Support For A Better World

Homeschooling Programs And Support For A Better World

Author: Danielle K. D.

Many parents fear that their children do not make good decisions. It is necessary to make them good decision makers and understand the consequences to their thoughts and actions. The younger they learn to adapt to such skills, the better they would become as a good citizen. Hence a good environment makes a great difference in the quality of things a student learns. That’s where the concept of homeschooling came into existence.

Homeschooling is defined as the “education of school-aged children at home rather than at a school.” It ensures your children the learning that they need to know. The success of homeschooling depends upon the parents who play a vital role in their child’s growth and development. It gives the children the values that their parents want them to inculcate without any outsider’s interference. It allows the parents to become more familiar with their child’s natural talents and abilities. Homeschoolers feel their classroom is their world. They are made to develop themselves to what interests them and such capabilities induced in the right way make them a true human.

The seed of homeschooling was planted around 4 decades ago when Raymond Moore legalized the system of Homeschooling as one the biggest achievement on the educational front in America. In early 1970’s, John Holt, a graduate teacher voiced for decentralizing schools and returning the autonomy to teachers and parents. His philosophy was known as “learning by living”. The most important factor about learning at home was that a child’s growth was into a world that is not a better school but rather no school at all. It’s a place where natural, organic and fundamental human institution was laid.

To legalize a home school, you need several home school forms and worksheets. These are required by the state and local school districts to form a well organized home school. These forms can be acquired from the local government and other home school forms like calendar, charts, lesson plans and worksheets can be attained online or from books written by other home schoolers.

Like the two sides of a coin, home schooling too has two debated issues. One who are opposed to home schooling because they feel it does not provide the standardized education to the child. They consider it old fashioned and weird. On the other hand, there are parents who feel that homeschooling is as dynamic as you can make it since provide actual and authentic experiences to your child. They feel rewarded when they see their child discovering new things and learning in the way that can enhance the child’s personal growth.
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